Packers Start Rebuilding

The Packers fired head coach Mike Sherman this morning?id=2277901. With a 4-12 record, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but I had hoped they would let him finish out another year. It is a shame since the problems they had this year had nothing to do with his coaching. Injuries decimated the team this season, and I don’t know how you can expect firing a coach to change that fact.

So with Sherman gone, it is pretty much a certainty that Brett played his last game yesterday. At least he went out with a win at home. I’m glad that I went to Packers Fan Fest last year and had an opportunity to see him in person. Everyone was so excited the night that Brett arrived on stage and made the announcement that he would be back for the 2005 season. We were yelling, screaming, and carrying on. Little did we know what was going to happen.

Now the big question is who the next head coach will be. If the Bears hadn’t snagged him, I think Lovie Smith would have been a great choice. Should be an interesting off-season. We’re in for some lean years, but you can’t expect to stay at or near the top forever.