Packers Season Ticket Update 2015 (just a bit late)

Yes, the date in the title is correct. This is an update for 2015 that I’m just now posting in 2016. While cleaning off my desk at home (need space to do taxes), I came across my annual postcard from the Green Bay Packers letting me know my place in the line for season tickets. Better late than never I suppose.

Packers Season Ticket Position 2015

My position at 55,417 means I moved up 496 spots last year. Here’s the updated table showing my (slow) progress.

2005 67,439
2006 65,856
2007 64,997
2008 64,021
2009 63,255
2010 62,835
2011 62,344
2012 61,890
2013 56,668
2014 55,913
2015 55,417

After eleven years, my total progress is 12,022 spots. At an average of 1,092 per year, it would seem like I’d get my tickets in another 50 years, but the big jump in 2013 is skewing those numbers. The reality is I’ll probably be long dead before I get to the front of the line. I’m still better off than most of the people on the list, however, which is now over 123,000 according to a story on Fox 11’s website earlier this month (link below).

According to that story, one thousand people at the front of the line are going to finally get their tickets as the Packers reduce the size of the Brown County lottery block. In recent years, the Packers have reserved 4,000 tickets for a lottery open to Brown County residents. The demand for those tickets has dropped, resulting in tickets not being allocated after the lottery was complete. So they are moving 1,000 tickets to season ticket holders. That will mean another big jump when my postcard arrives next year, but still unlikely to put me in the stands at Lambeau before they put me in the ground.

The only scenario that gets me a ticket in the near future is an 18 game season. The Packers have two season ticket packages currently, the Green package with six regular season games and the Gold with two. The Gold package are the season tickets for the games that were once played at County Stadium in Milwaukee, and the Green package is for the games that were played in Lambeau. If the league ever extends the season from 16 to 18, every team adds an extra home game to the schedule. Rather than offer that game to current season ticket holders, the Packers could offer those as a single game package to the people on the waiting list. I imagine a fair number would go for a shot at one game per year if offered. Going to one game every year is a lot better than not going to any, and it would be a lot less expensive. The team would probably be able to clear a large chunk of the list that way, and I could finally add “Packers season ticket holder” alongside “Packers shareholder” in my online bio.