Packer Fan Fest Begins

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Green Bay as I write this. Today was the first day of the Packers Fan Fest, and the highlight of the evening was an appearance by Brett Favre. The crowd went absolutely wild when they heard Favre say that he would be coming back for another season. Everyone already knew this of course, but to hear him say it made it all the more real. You can read all about tonight’s event at

A big part of the Fan Fest is the opportunity to get an autograph and have your photo with current and former Packers. While most signatures are offered on a first come, first served basis, the more popular people, such as Bart Starr and Brett are considered MVPs and require a special ticket. Each person at the event receives a card at the entrance every day. Removing a sticker on the card reveals whether you can get an MVP signature or a discount to the Packers Pro Shop Unfortunately, neither my dad nor I were MVP winners today, but I’m still hoping to see “Brett Favre” on my card tomorrow! I did manage to get some good pictures of Bart Starr and Ron Wolfe though, so it was better than nothing.

Another highlight of the evening was the opportunity to watch the debut of the 2004 Packers Highlight film by NFL Films on Tundra Vision (the big screen on the scoreboard at Lambeau Field). Everyone gathered in the seating on the Club Level and watched the film through the snow that was falling all evening. What an experience, sitting in the good seats, looking down on a snow-covered Lambeau Field, as the highlights film played. I can’t wait until Sunday when we get the chance to tour the locker room and walk through the players tunnel!

I’ve uploaded some photos from today. I’ll add titles and captions when I get back home. (Note: The photo link has been fixed!)

Scott and Vince Lombardi statue
Scott and Vince Lombardi statue