Norwegian Getaway Webcam Added

Jeff over at the Krooz-Cams website was kind enough to remind me that Norwegian Getaway’s webcam is no up and running. My Norwegian Cruise Line webcam page hadn’t been updated since her launch, and it still showed a “coming soon” placeholder for Getaway.  I have now updated the page, and Norwegian Getaway is represented with a live image along with all of her sister ships.

I need to go through and make some edits. A lot of future builds have been announced, including Norwegian Escape and Bliss.  Time to add some new placeholders. I’ve mentioned before that I want to move my cruise cams over into their own site, so I really need to start giving that some thought. The image below isn’t live, but if you head over to my Norwegian Cruise Line page, you can see a live view there.


Norwegian Getaway Webcam