New Look

As you can see, I’ve given the site a complete makeover. All of the old site was coded by hand, which discouraged me from making more frequent posts. It simply took too much time to keep everyone updated. To remove that obstacle, I looked into different systems that were designed for use on web logs, and decided to use Movable Type for mine.

I first heard of MT when Steve moved NowThis over to it. When it comes to this sort of thing, his opinion carries a lot of weight, so knew it had to be good stuff. So far I’m pretty pleased with MT. It took me a while to get the formatting where I wanted it, even while using one of their sample stylesheets, but that was mainly because CSS still throws me once in a while. The site won’t win any awards for creativity, but it’ll do for now.

Now that the site is up, I’ll move most of my old posts into the system. It isn’t a priority, so don’t hold your breath. Kristin has a few other projects waiting for me to start, now that this one is complete.