New Lawnmower

With all the rain we’re getting, the grass has been growing like crazy. I should have mowed it before we left to get Kristin’s car, but I didn’t and wound up looking at a jungle on our return. Unfortunately, my cordless electric mower decided to go on the fritz. I’d get five minutes (if I was lucky) of mowing time before the battery would give out. I bought a new set of batteries, but the problem persisted, even on sections that weren’t overgrown. I’m going to get it fixed, but I still need to cut my lawn….

I looked into gas mowers, but I really didn’t want to deal with the noise, the pollution, and the hassles. That’s why I bought the electric mower in the first place. So I did some research and bought… a push reel mower! Yes, the same kind of mowers our grandparents used. Actually, the reel mowers today may look the same, but they are much more efficient. I bought the Scotts Classic from Home Depot for $118 (some assembly required).

It takes a little getting used to, but it is amazingly easy to push, not any worse than my electric mower. The lawn looks great afterwards with a crisp, manicured look. If you want to know more about reel mowers, check out The Reel Mower Guide.