New Digital Camera

We bought a Christmas present for ourselves this morning, a Canon PowerShot SD310 (DCRP Review). Actually, I bought the present and only after Kristin gave her OK.

We’ve had our digital camera for a few years now and with the new systems coming out, it looked like a good time to upgrade. I have a Canon PowerShot S110 (DCRP Review), a great little 2 MP camera. The small size makes it easy to carry, and therefore I am much more likely to go out and take pictures.

I had been watching the news about the upcoming SD models with great interest. The SD310 is a 4 MP unit, half the thickness of the S110, uses SD media, and has a larger LCD. Retail on it is ~$400, but I found it at Dell’s site for $299 with free shipping thanks to a sale and a coupon. Gotta love Ben’s Bargains!

I briefly looked at the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7 (DCRP Review because of its image stabilization feature. But I didn’t like that they left off the optical viewfinder. Plus it is impossible to find at local retailers, and a camera isn’t something I’m going to buy sight unseen.