New Clues to MEC 2012

Today, the first email went out to people who signed up on the #mecisback web site ( From the web site, we learned that the conference would start on September 24 and take place in Orlando (enter the coordinates in Bing Maps). What new info did we learn today?

Today’s message was a promotional email for MEC 2003.  Of course, MEC 2003 never took place; 2002 was the final year.  The email is garbled though. Here’s what the message showed:

MEC 2003
MEC "2003"

The fictional 2003 MEC is taking place September 24-27.  The start date matches 2012, so I think it is safe to assume that MEC 2012 will also be September 24-27.

The 2003 MEC location is displayed, but with the first part garbled.  What we can see says “Palms Resort & Convention Center.” The closest match I can find is the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. Might this be where MEC 2012 will be held?

Lastly, let’s look at the interrupted transmission. The IP address at the bottom is just the site, so nothing new there. However, in the block of numbers, there are four italicized words that form a sentence: “Expect important transmission 3.22.2012.”  I think it is safe to assume that a week from today, on March 22, we’re going to receive another email with additional info.

What do you think?  Does your interpretation differ from mine? Leave your comments below.

Update: Check out my analysis of the second MEC message received on March 22.

Update 2: Take a look at my thoughts on the third MEC message received on March 29.

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