Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley,
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We left Anchorage this morning on the Midnight Sun Express bound for Talkeetna. Breakfast was on the train and came complete with some delicious reindeer sausage. Yumm!

The ride to Talkeetna lasted a bit under three hours. As we neared our the station, we were greeted by a picture perfect view of Mt. McKinley. We had prepared ourselves for the possibility that we wouldn’t have a clear view of the mountain during our stay, but we lucked out. Over and over we heard from Princess staff how lucky we are.

At Talkeetna we disembarked the train and boarded our motor coach to take us to the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge. On our arrival, we headed for the deck at the lodge to get some photos before the weather could turn and hide the mountain. The view is breathtaking. The mosquitos, on the other hand, I could do without, but the bug spray seems to be working.

We are staying in a new part of the lodge, part of a major expansion. Part of this expansion included a few glitches, however, as we started off in the wrong room due to a system “upgrade” that dropped the first digit from our room number. After lunch we were reunited with our luggage which was waiting for us in the room we were supposed to be using.

Now as I write this, we’re sitting at the lodge, looking out the mountain. This sure beats working! The weather is warm in the upper 50s and in the sun is warm enough for short sleeves. The attached photo is of McKinley this evening as some clouds have rolled in, still leaving her visible though.

Tomorrow we’re going horseback riding. Hope the weather holds. Until then….