MMS 2013 = More Tweets + More Followers

Whenever I attend a conference like TechEd North America (upcoming in June) or Microsoft Management Summit (earlier this month), my Twitter activity ramps up dramatically.  I try to share my experience so that I have something to refer back to afterwards as well as for people who aren’t able to attend the event.  Following a Twitter stream isn’t any true substitute for attending yourself, but it keeps people involved and makes it a shared experience. The graph below (courtesy of TweetStats) shows the impact of my being at MMS.
April 2013 Twitter volume

It isn’t too surprising then that my follower count also jumps up during the conference as well. I went into the trip with 1,421 followers and by the end I was at 1,461.  Adding twenty people in one week is quite  bit for me.  Here’s a look at a graph of followers for the month courtesy of TwitterCounter.

Twitter Followers April 2013

If you’re one of the people who followed me during MMS, thank you. Sometimes I wonder why anyone really cares what I tweet or post, but given that all 1,400+ followers can’t be bots (they can’t, can they?), there must be some value there.  I normally return the favor of a follow, but I can’t add any new followers until I clean house. Twitter won’t let me follow more than 2,001 people until my follower count reaches some new threshold. I’m guessing my limit will get increased once I hit 2,000 followers, but they don’t share that info, so I have no way of knowing for certain.

Rest assured, i will be going through the accounts I’m following and make enough room for everyone.  I’m sure there’s enough dormant and abandoned accounts as well as celebrities and others don’t aren’t half as interesting as people who tweet about System Center, Windows Server, and Azure. I’m looking forward to sharing this ride with all of you.

Next stop… TechEd North America and New Orleans!