MMS 2013 Day 4 – LadeSwag Report

The vendor expo closed on Thursday so that means this is the last LadeSwag Report. I stopped by the Expo in hopes of winning a cruise and a Surface pro but walked away with neither. I assuaged the bitter taste of losing with a final sweep of the booths to help lighten the load of vendors stuck with leftover swag. Behold the final take.

MMS 2013 Day 4 Swag


Later that night at the party, I picked up a couple items. Unfortunately they weren’t the really cool MMS pillow w/Henry the mascot on them or the hats people were wearing, but I kept them nonetheless.

MMS 2013 Day 4 Swag (Party)

  • MMS 2013 Glow Bracelet
  • MMS 2013 Blinky Maraca