MMS 2013 Day 3 – LadeSwag Report

Wednesday was the low point of swag for MMS. I only added one item to my take for the week, and it isn’t much.  The conference randomly selects prize winners every time someone submits a session evaluation as an incentive for people to complete the evals. I haven’t own anything on an evaluation in years at TechEd, so I was excited to see a notice on the screen that I had won. Unfortunately it wasn’t a Surface or any other of the cool items I’d seen people tweeting about. Instead I won a “foldable” bag. Yes, a bag that folds up into a small pocket for easy storage. Better to win than not to win, right? That’s what I kept telling myself.

MMS 2013 Day 3 Swag


  • MMS 2013 Foldable Bag