Microsoft Ignite Pre-Day Sessions

Now that the Session Catalog is live, we now know what Pre-Day Sessions are being offered this year. In the past these sessions were called Pre-Conference Sessions, they are getting a new name along with everything else.  I don’t quite under stand the new name. What is the “pre” describing? Is it a “Pre-Day” Session or a Pre-“Day Session”? Pre-conference made more sense to me, but I’m not a marketing person so I may not be “qualified” to make that assessment. Whatever they are called, they are great opportunities for a full day of training at a reasonable price.

This year you have seventeen sessions to choose from. Here’s the full list with links to the entries in the catalog.

Code Title
PRE01 Administrator’s Mandatory Check List: The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Infrastructure
PRE02 Advanced Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft SQL Server, and R
PRE03 Project Siena: Create Custom Mobile Business Apps, No Code Required
PRE04 Building a Hybrid Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Environment
PRE05 DevOps Hackathon
PRE06 End-to-End OneDrive for Business Planning, Deployment and Best Practices
PRE07 Enterprise Management in 2015 and Beyond
PRE08 Get Ready to Deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
PRE09 Hands-on Windows 10 Enterprise Deployment
PRE10 Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation with Microsoft System Center
PRE11 Microsoft Office 365 Development On-Ramp
PRE12 Microsoft Office 365 Network Performance Optimization
PRE13 Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Deployment Boot Camp
PRE14 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 365 Hybrid Training
PRE15 The Microsoft Azure Cloud for IT Pros
PRE16 Troubleshoot SQL Server Performance Like a Microsoft Engineer
PRE17 Windows 10: Enterprise Mobility Workshop

Full disclosure: I’ve never attended a pre-conference pre-day session. Sunday is usually my day to get settled in, and the idea of a full day of technical content on top of the week ahead has always been a bit daunting.  I’ll need to take another look at some of these once we have speaker information. The sessions about securing infrastructure, deploying Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobility all look to be useful, and I’m sure there are at least a few that couple apply to you.

If you see a session that interests you, the cost is $500, and you can add them to your registration at the conference site.