Microsoft Ignite Hotel List Updated – Sold Out! (March 2)

Ignite Hotel map as of March 2I updated my list of the conference hotels for Ignite yesterday. When I search on May 2 to the May 9, only one hotel shows up (Radisson Blu Aqua), but looks like a glitch in the system. Someone told me that when they searched this morning, they didn’t see any available hotels. I suspect the only reason the Radisson shows up when I search is because I’m logged in and the system knows that’s where I’m staying.

So the hotel block appears to be sold out for May 2-9. If you don’t need a hotel until May 3, there may still be hotels available. I haven’t checked, so your mileage may vary.

Please Note! Room availability is a dynamic thing, however, so always check the conference site first before looking to outside hotels. Things may change between the time this was posted and the time you check for a hotel.

If you haven’t registered yet and picked a hotel, you might still be able to find something in the hotel block since rooms might get freed u. If not, however, start looking for available rooms near the conference hotels. That way, at least, you can make use of the shuttle buses running to the convention center. Get over to the registration site and get it done before it is too late.