Microsoft Ignite 2017 Hotel Update (June 2)

Microsoft Ignite Hotels 2017 (June 2)We’re two days into June, so this is a good time for an update to the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2017 Hotels list.

Six hotels moved to being either unavailable (not in my search results, but not listed by Ignite page as being sold-out) or sold-out (not in my search results and listed as sold-out on the Ignite page), including the Convenience Pass hotel.

One hotel moved back to being available, showing up in my hotel search this morning (even though it is still listed as Sold Out on the Ignite site).

We are now down to fourteen hotels in the conference block that you can book. That’s thirty-eight hotels that are sold out or unavailable. In any case, the message here is that your choices in the conference hotel block are dwindling. Registration for Ignite is open, so be sure to register soon if you have not already done so. See you in Orlando!