Microsoft Ignite 2016 Hotel Update (March 9)

Ignite 2016 Airport Hotel Map 2016-03-09Big changes for the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2016 hotel list today. I haven’t checked it in a few days because there simply hadn’t been much movement in any of the hotels, and I’ve had some other things going on. Apparently the folks behind Ignite noticed and decided to dump some major changes recently to teach me a lesson.

I was alerted to this today via a tweet from a follower who chastised me for having too many tweets about Disney Parks and not enough about Ignite recently. Not sure that’s the best way to pass along the info, but so be it.

First, we have three new hotels to add to the sold out list, all in Midtown:

Second, the conference organizers have responded to the rapid sell out of many Downtown and Midtown hotels with a new block of hotels at the airport. Fifteen new hotels are available, and at rates on the more affordable end as compared to the hotels that are more central. The new hotels are:

Check out the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2016 Hotel list then click over to the Registration site and register now.

See you in Atlanta!