Microsoft Ignite 2016 Hotel Update (February 27)

Ignite 2016 Hotel Map 2016-02-27Options for a downtown hotel continue to dwindle according to the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2016 hotel list.

Outside of the Plus Pass hotels — The Omni and the Westin –there were only two choices left. Now one of those choices is SOLD OUT. It’s time to say goodbye to:

Fun fact: Did you know that the Atlanta Hilton is home to the oldest Trader Vic’s location in the US? It’s true. Old school Tiki in the heart of Atlanta.

One “sold out” hotels is still coming up in a search for a Sunday-Friday stay. Your mileage may vary depending on the dates of your search.

Time is running out if you want to stay downtown and don’t want to pay extra for a Plus Pass! Check out the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite 2016 Hotel list then click over to the Registration site and register now.

See you in Atlanta!