Microsoft reveals dates for the next Ignite virtual conference

Microsoft quietly updated the Ignite website to list the dates for the next online event. According to the site, the online event will run March 2 to March 4, likely using the same 48-hour, around-the-click format as last time. Microsoft replaced the traditional in-person event planned for last September in New Orleans with two online events, the first in September 2020 and the second sometime in March 2021. We didn’t know the exact dates for the March event, however, until now.

I learned the news thanks to a tweet from Yves te Poel (@mieffel) on January 1. He had replied to my last tweet from the @IgniteCountdown account with the March dates.

I did not notice the reply until today, but as soon as I saw it, I immediately checked the @MS_Ignite account for an announcement. Nothing. Next was the Microsoft Ignite website, and sure enough, there were the dates.

Microsoft Ignite site showing dates as March 2-4, 2021

A quick search online showed the dates were also on the main Microsoft Events page as well.

Microsoft Event page showing dates for Ignite as March 2-4, 2021

Barring a change or other announcement, it appears I’ll be seeing all of you online starting March 2! Guess it’s time to dust off the Ignite Countdown and get it up and running again. Stay tuned.