Microsoft Ignite Schedule Builder & Microsoft in HiEd registration are live!

Today I have been busy getting ready for not one, but two, Microsoft conferences. Let’s get started. First…

Build your schedule for Microsoft Ignite

To start, the Schedule Builder for Microsoft Ignite went live this morning. Logon to MyIgnite with the account you used for registration. Once you’re signed in, click Session Scheduler at the top of the page to start picking your sessions.

Screenshot of MyIgnite site with Session Scheduler link circled

Once you’re there, you can start searching for sessions to add to your schedule. You also have the option to click “Save to backpack” and save to your virtual conference bag. You can save speakers, partners, and sessions to your backpack. Doing so will give you easy access to everything you save later which will be handy when recordings become available. Note that some sessions are prerecorded and noted as such in the schedule.

Your schedule will already have some events on it when you first sign in. Microsoft has added all the Key Segment sessions to your schedule for all timeslots. So, you may want to go through and remove all but the one in the timeslot you plan to watch. And as you add your own sessions, make note of the timeslot you’re picking to make sure you’re adding the one that makes the most sense for you.

As you build out your schedule you have the option to click on the Orange “My Schedule” tab to display your schedule on the right side of the browser window while you work with the full schedule on the left. It makes it easy to make choices based on your remaining availability. And don’t forget, it will all be available on demand later, so don’t over schedule yourself.

Schedule Builder with my schedule displayed.

Make sure you leave some time for sessions/activities in the Connection Zone. That’s where you will find Table Topics, Inclusion & Accessibility, Local Connections, Humans of IT, Ful & Wellness, and one-to-One Consultations. Click the link for the Connection Zone and check it out.

I almost forgot… Don’t forget to complete your attendee profile. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select MyIgnite Profile (or use this link). Once you are there, add a picture, fill out the form, and let your fellow attendees know more about you. If you want to make your profile visible in the directory, you can do that under Contact Preferences. If you would rather stay private, that’s OK too.

Screenshot showing my MyIgnite profile being edited

That about covers it. Hope to see you online! Now on to…

Register for Microsoft in Higher Ed conference

In addition to building my schedule for Microsoft Ignite, I also registered for the Microsoft in Higher Ed conference today. Yes, registration is now open!

If you work in Higher Ed and you plan in the Microsoft sandbox, consider attending this year. You can register at:

The agenda is blank now, but don’t worry, Billy Beaudoin (NC State University) assures us that links to presentations will be available as the schedule gets set. If you’re interested in presenting, the call for proposals is still open.