Microsoft Ignite 2018 Hotel Update (June 6)

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Hotels (June 5)When Ignite registration went live, I told myself, “Scott, this year you should pick a schedule, set a reminder, and keep that hotel list updated.” I gave it some thought and said, “That’s a great idea. I am definitely going to do that.” Fast forward to today, and the reality is I haven’t provided an update in over a month. Once you fall off the blogging wagon, it’s not easy to jump back on. Especially when the wagon has been rolling for 40+ days without you.

Thankfully I have managed to catch up to the wagon, and while I haven’t pulled myself all the way into the driver’s seat, I can at least get an update to the (unofficial) Microsoft Ignite Hotels page today.

When I last posted (way back on April 24!), there were 29 hotels remaining out of the 49 conference hotels. How much movement have we had since then? A LOT! We’re now down to… drum roll please…

12 hotels!

Hotel Changes

A whopping 17 hotels have dropped off the list:

We are 110 days out from Ignite, and only a dozen hotels remain in the conference block. Registration is open, so if you haven’t registered yet, the clock is ticking!

See you in Orlando!