MEC 2014 Party News

MEC 2014 Email Header 2/24
An email just showed up in my Inbox from the good folks organizing the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC). The conference opens seven short weeks from today, so hopefully you’ve already registered. If not, maybe tonight’s news will convince you to make an appearance in Austin.

Tonight’s news concerns the Attendee Party. The Monday night party will be a Texas block party on Rainey Street (@RaineyStBars), Austin’s newest bar district. Come check out the bungalows and food trucks that make up the neighborhood. There will be food, drinks, music, and karaoke. I’ll be skipping the karaoke, but the rest sounds like a fun evening. Hope to see you there.

The email also mentioned that one lucky attendee will be going home with one of those high-tech command chairs that we saw in the Exchange Arena last year. The chair, an Emperor Gaming Chair/Workstation by MWE Labs is valued at $3,500 (!), so you know you want to win one. Register for MEC before March 14 if you want a shot at one. Everyone who is already registered is already entered into the drawing. So sit back and relax… and figure out where you’re going to put the chair when you get home.

Even if you’re not going to MEC, you can still win. See the Official Rules for instructions on how to enter.


One last thing… If you haven’t done so already, make sure you review the session list over on and start thinking about which ones you want to attend. You can sort by track and series and search on subject and/or speaker. They don’t have time slots listed yet, but at least you can start working on a short list. That should keep you occupied until the next tidbit from MEC is delivered.