MEC 2014 – LadeSwag Report

Last MEC it took me four months to post a listing of the swag I collected. I managed to best that time by a few months this time around.  Most of what I collected was picked up on Sunday during the Welcome Reception. There are a lot fewer vendors at MEC than at TechEd, so it didn’t take long to make the rounds. here are the items I picked up.

MEC 2014 Swag

I’m a big fan of useful swag, and this year there are a couple highlights. The OontZ Curve Bluetooth Speaker from Netmail is something I’ll definitely try out.  A combination speaker and speakerphone makes for a handy accessory. The USB charger from Symantec will come in handy. Whenever I travel, I seem to have cables for all of my devices, but I tend to forget the plug.  Getting an extra one as swag means another item I can toss in the travel bag and leave there.

I don’t really need any new vendor t-shirts (but that never stops me from taking a few). The Splunk shirts are always a favorite, and I like the one I picked up this time (More brain, less surgery).  The shirt I’ve tried to get for years now is the “Blame Canada” shirt. I asked about it at the booth and was told that’s one they save for TechEd. So this year, I plan on making Splunk my first stop the night of the Welcome Reception at the Expo.

What was your favorite swag this year?