Latest on Dogs

Shaggy went to Petsmart yesterday to get groomed. Big improvement. We would have taken over to Happy Tails, where Collen goes for daycare and grooming, but Shaggy has to be vetted before he can go there. Haven’t had time to do that yet. Probably won’t until after I return from TechEd.

Today was the first time they were left alone together. I went into work late and came home for lunch a couple hours later. Everything seemed normal. I expect both dogs slept most of the day. We brought up one of Collen’s beds that we had replaced a while back, to give them each a place to lay in the kitchen. Oddly enough Shaggy seems to use Collen’s bed (the one that says “Collen” on it), and Collen has been using the other bed.

They were along again for a longer period of time in the afternoon and all seemed normal when I returned home. Not too long after Kristin arrived home from work, Kim came over with Winnie and Callie, the two miniature dachshunds that Collen lies to hang out with. Needless to say it was crazy with all four dogs checking each other out. When they crossed the street to go home, Shaggy went as far as tie out would let him to follow and whimpered when they were back in their yard.

Feeding is still interesting, but we’ve been taking the dishes up and doing a decent job of keeping them directed to their own dishes. We did have one dust-up this evening. I brought out Shaggy’s tennis ball and when he went to get it, Collen started to bark and when I brought one of his toys in, Shaggy went to check it out and Collen grabbed the tennis ball. Shaggy aimed a low growl at Collen, and when Collen dropped the ball and walked back, he did it again and they went after each other briefly, with me nearly in the middle. Shaggy wound up retreating and whimpering a bit. I’m sure we’ll have some more of that as they sort things out.