LadeSwag Report – Microsoft New Era of Work 2012

I attended the Microsoft New Era of Work event when it came to St. Louis last month (November 27 to be exact).  New Era of Work (NEW) was a 2012 launch event with tracks for IT Pros, Developers, and Executives. I attended the IT Pro track naturally even though much of it was a repeat of other events.  The morning covered a general keynote, Windows 8, Server 2012, and Azure. In the afternoon, Kevin Remde from Microsoft led a Hands On Lamp session scaled down from the IT Camp events.

As you can tell from the title, however, I’m not hear to talk about the technical side of the vent since there wasn’t much new to report. Instead, I’m going to cover the swag I picked up in the vendor area during breaks. So let’s get to it, I give you the LadeSwag Report:

New Era of Work Swag
Swag collected at the Microsoft New Era of Work event in St. Louis on November 27, 2012.

This was a small event with only a few vendors, so not much swag, but at least there wasn’t much overlap from other events.

Nice to see flash drive giveaways showing up in a useable size and with some useful software as well.  I also really like the Windows 8 Quick Start card from BrainStorm. Thinking about providing something like that when we start putting Windows 8 on machines. I’ll need to look around and see what other references are available.