Keystone Cops and Airport Security

Yet another knee jerk reaction by TSA, the Keystone Cops of our nation’s airports. Has anyone ever though to do a cost/benefit analysis here. We’ve known for years now that Al Qaeda has an interest in using liquid-based explosives, but only know do they take the step of banning liquids from aircraft.

Apparently they won’t let you take on any beverages purchased from within the secure areas of the terminal. I’d hope that anything that they allowed into the secure area would be safe, so what this policy tells me is that either they don’t have confidence in the safety of the items being sold in the terminal stores or it isn’t a problem with dangerous liquids passing as routine items, but rather liquids in general. If the latter is the case, then they shouldn’t allow the airlines to bring any beverages on board. That’ll show those terrorists! CNN said the plot involved some British sports drink they were going to use to make their explosives. I’ve never cared for those kinds of drinks, but that specific one sounds like something to avoid. Maybe we should just ban British sports drinks.

TSA specifically said they were banning liquids, gels, and creams. What about ice? Last I checked, ice was a solid, so at first glance it should be allowed. You’d have to dump whatever melted by the time you get to the gate, but the ice itself should be OK. Maybe it’ll melt enough during the flight to have a refreshing beverage mid-flight.

It is late, I’m grumpy, and I’ve never been impressed with TSA. It is getting to the point where I can drive from St. Louis to Chicago in less time than it takes to fly when you factor in waiting at the airport.