It’s D23 Expo time!

It’s been two long years, but it’s finally time for Disney’s D23 Expo! The biennial ultimate Disney fan event starts Friday at the Anaheim Convention Center. I missed the first one in 2009, but I’ve been every year since. Last year was Kristin’s first time going, and she’s headed back with me again this year.

If you’re not familiar with D23, it’s sort of like Comic Con for Disney nerds (like myself). All parts of the company are represented with panels and presentations by Parks & Resorts, the film and animation studios, merchandising, and more.  My favorites are the panels that focus on the history of the parks, resorts, and films, but the big showy spectaculars with big name guests are fun too.

Of course, like all Cons, this one has its fair share of lines. You line up[ to get tickets to shorten your time in line. There are lines where you wait to get into a different line.  Lines for stores, lines for exhibits, lines for panels, lines for food, and this year there are even overnight line s(no thank you). Lines aren’t fun, but they’re a fact of life, so your best bet is to just grin and bear it and find ways to pass the time.  Smartphones make it easy to keep busy, but it’s a good idea to put the phone away now and then and get to know your fellow Disney fans in line around you.  You’re all going to the same session so you obviously have something in common.

Another aspect of D23 Expo that makes it a great event is its location… right across the street from the Disneyland Resort. That means plenty of park time for us. We’re spending Wednesday and Thursday in the parks and on the evening after Expo sessions are done.  We haven’t been to Disneyland since 2013 (last Expo), and this year is Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary, so there are all sorts of special things to see.  I can’t wait! We were there for the 50th, and it seems we’ve started a new tradition. Guess I know where we’ll be in 2025.

I’m so looking forward to seeing friends I met online on Twitter and at DF23’s Destination D event last year at Walt Disney World. Destination D is another biennial event held in the Expo off years. Destination D focuses on the meat and potatoes of Disney fandom, deep dives into the history of the company. Last year was the first year I attended, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Maybe next year I’ll be heading down to Florida for the event as a DVC owner (fingers crossed).

If you follow me on Twitter (Ladewig) you’re going to see fewer Microsoft and tech tweets and a tidal wave of Disney tweets. You’ve been warned!

We have an early flight tomorrow and since the bags are all packed, it’s time ti wrap this up and head to bed.  See you in Anaheim!