IT Hero and Other Swag

Swag bonus today at check-in. While checking in, the guy at the front desk disappears and comes back with a black box marked IT Hero. I opened the box as soon as I arrived in my room to discover the following swag:

  • ThinkGeek t-shirt “No I won’t fix your computer.” Unfortunately it is a L, and I need at least an XL. It is, shall we see, a bit snug.
  • IT Hero pen with a clip to hang the pen on something.
  • Three foam stick figures that lock hands, one named “Steve” and one named “Bill” (gee I wonder who they are supposed to be?), and one in the middle marked “IT Hero”.
  • IT Hero baseball cap
  • Cell phone booster antenna
  • Pocket USB hub
  • Several lapel pins representing different areas, such as Messaging, Windows Desktop, etc.
  • A game card tp complete for a chance to win a Samsung Portable Media Center

The pins are intended for people to advertise their areas of interest. Mine are on my badge holder.

I need to stop by the Microsoft Across America Bus and see if XL shirts are available or not.

The only swag in the TechEd bag is:

  • TechNet Plus playing cards
  • Office Post-it Notes
  • Sunscreen on a clip from Microsoft Services