Happy New Year

Welcome to 2007. Hard to believe we’re starting another year. The older I get, the faster the years seem to go by.

We stayed in this year, as we do most years. Last night we watched the Packers beat the Bears to end the season. Our slim shot at the playoffs fizzled before the game started, but they still played like it meant something, even if just for pride in beating the Bears. I’m hoping Brett Favre comes back next year, but listening to him at the end of the game as he became quite emotional, well, if he doesn’t it wouldn’t be unexpected.

After ending the year with football, we started the new year with football as well. Wisconsin was in the Capital One Bowl again this year and beat Arkansas. The score was closer than the game turned out to be. Nice to see that even after Alvarez handed over coaching duties this year, the team continues to play well. I remember all those years when I was a kid and Wisconsin played about as well as the Packers back then. Now it would be a disappointment if Wisconsin isn’t in a bowl game every year.