Good Swag Hunting

The hunt for swag continued for a second day:

  • IT Hero tropical shirt from Microsoft at the TechEd/MCP/MCT party<
  • TechNet “Blueprint” t-shirt from Microsoft, also at the TechEd party
  • Black “hack My Network & Die” t-shirt from Sunbelt Software
  • Stress Reliever Rhino from NetIQ
  • Free copies of MOM 2005 Express and SMS 2003 from Microsoft

I heard several people talk about the free copy of MOM 2005, not mentioning the “Express” portion. MOM Express isn’t the same as MOM. Microsoft has an overview of MOM Express and how it differs from MOM on the web site. The CD slipcover also mentions: Offer limited to one copy per company. Still for most people, the Express version is probably sufficient to cover their environment.