Gaelic Storm Concert

Hmmm…. First post in a month and again it is about a concert at Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge. Tonight Kristin and I went to see Gaelic Storm. I’ve always been a big fan of Irish/Celtic music, and Gaelic Storm first came to my attention after seeing the film Titanic in which the band was cast as the steerage band.

The show was great, and we were treated to two apparent concert “firsts” for the band. Ellery Klein broke a string on her fiddle. Second, Patrick Murphy ended a show still sober. At the start of the concert, he asked the bartender to send up some drinks and five beers appeared on stage. A couple minutes later, however, the bartender took them all back, We were told a Harrah’s VP was there and didn’t want the band drinking on stage. The guys made up for their “dry” show, however, by coming down to the floor after the show and joining their fans for drinks.

As an added bonus we ran into our friend Mike McCarthy, sporting a hat and glasses that would make a leprechaun cry. Unfortunately Mike’s better half wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make the show.