Fox Pulls Plug on Buffy Sing-a-Long and Ruins My Weekend

Last month I found out about a Buffy the Vampire Sing-a-Long with the musical episode “Once More with Feeling” on the big screen.  That has always been one of my favorite episodes, and I love the soundtrack, so when I saw the Tivoli here in St. Louis on the schedule I bought a ticket for a show that would have been this weekend.

Yes, the show that “would have been” thanks to Fox.  Turns out they pulled the license under which Fox TV shows can be exhibited in theaters.  Apparently there is an issue with residuals or something. basically someone isn’t getting paid what they think they should be getting paid.  Fox hasn’t communicated an official reason, so no one is really sure what is going on.  Would it have killed them to wait until next week so that the St. Louis shows wouldn’t have been cancelled at the last minute? Fox already makes it easy to dislike them, so they didn’t need to add yet another thing to the list.

There is an online petition to try and convince Fox to get things straightened out, so why not head over and add your signature.

If you’re interested in learning more about what would have been a great evening, check out the Buffy Musical web site and find out what all the fuss is about. Here’s a link to a New York Magazine interview with Clinton McClung, the creator of the sing-a-long, who talks about the shutdown.