Fitbit Groups for TechEd North America and The Krewe

TechEd and Fitbit

I just picked up a new Fitbit Flex to replace the Fitbit One I lost a couple months ago. While I was setting it up with my account, I started poking around and looked at the groups feature of the Fitbit site. I know several people who are in The Krewe and going to TechEd that have Fitbits, so I created two groups for people to join. Feel free to join either one or both.

I’m not sure we really need a place to talk about our Fitbits, but I like the ranking of members. This way we can see how we stack up against each other without having to add everyone as a friend on the site. of course, if you want to start a conversation there, feel free, but we’re not really wanting for places to connect (Facebook, Twitter, Channel 9…) are we?

Think you can come out on top and have the most steps of anyone at TechEd North America? Join up and let’s see!