First Peek at the TechEd Bag?

Did Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN) give us all a quick peek at a much-discussed TechEd item every year? Yes, I’m talking about the conference bag, and it looks like Rick and Joey managed to locate that elusive piece of swag. It isn’t much of a peek, but it is our first look so far at what we’re all going to be carrying around the convention center in Houston. Now, Rick isn’t saying it is the bag, but really, what else could it be?

Here’s Rick’s tweet with the photo:

I’m going to guess that we’re looking at another Looptworks bag, probably a backpack again. Personally I’d like to see a little color in the bag this year, but at first glance, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get what I want, at least not in this small section. What do you think?

Rick is soliciting requests for more photos about the Top Secret item, so let him know what you want to see and maybe we’ll get to see more.

Update 5:26 PM – Joey just posted another photo of the bag. This time we get to see a zipper.

Update 6:04 PM – Rick posted a better view of the zipper.

Update 8:38 PM – Rick posted a shot of the interior of the bag with some pen pockets and that ubiquitous clip for keys or whatever it is you’re supposed to hook there.

Update 3:12 PM Saturday – Rick takes a break from having fun with his awesome EMC SAN to share another peek at the bag. Is this a rivet on the top handle?

Update 11:30 AM Sunday – Joey’s turn to show another view of the bag. Here we see a more zoomed out view of what Rick posted yesterday.

Update 10:40 PM Sunday – Another view of the handle (complete with hand) on the bag from Rick.

Update 10:24 AM Monday – Rick shares a view of the logo. He says it is stitched, but it’s hard to tell with what he posted. That’s the best you could do Rick?

Update 3:50 PM Monday – Rick posted one last peek at the conference bag. The bag is a MCSE pillow! Oh wait, maybe he was referring to the blurry blob next to the pillow. As you can see, this picture is a full show of the bag, except he’s blurred it so you can’t see any details. What you can see, however, makes it pretty obvious we’re looking at a backpack.