Fence and Railing!

It is finally done! We now have a fence in the backyard and a railing on the front porch. No more being tethered to a tieout for Collen! We used the “Deck and Fence Store”:http://www.dfstore.com/, and so far everything looks good. The only thing left to do is add the railing to the side of the porch. Some part is back-ordered, but they’ll finish it once it comes in.

So far Collen seems to enjoy it. Although we’ll see how happy he is when we open the door, let him out, and then go back in inside. For now at least, it is great to be able to let him out and not have to deal with the leash and all that. When it gets a little cooler, I know he’ll spend more time playing outside.

As usual you can find photos on my “Pbase site”:http://www.pbase.com/ladewig/. The fence and porch photos are in their “own gallery”:http://www.pbase.com/ladewig/fence. Here’s a preview: