February in Panama

We’ve booked another cruise! What better way to follow our Alaskan vacation than with a Panama Canal Adventure? In exactly 180 days, we will be leaving San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Regal Princess bound for Acapulco. Cruise details.do?voyageCode=G705&date=0207&noOfPax=2&definition_name= are available online at Princess’ web site.

We hadn’t planned on taking a cruise this early, but we found some pretty attractive pricing from Princess (how alliterative!) and we cashed in 30k miles with American to get the airfare for free. Using frequent flyer miles was the deciding factor since airfare would have cost us $1000 each otherwise.

We’re looking forward to combining a taste of the Carribbean with the Mexican Riviera and a Panama Canal to top things off. All of the ports on this trip are new to us, including Aruba, Puntarenas, and Acapulco to name a few. The only compromise we made is the ship. Regal is the oldest in the fleet and one of the smaller ships (though not the smallest), so she is missing some amenities. For example, she only has one dining room, so there is no Personal Choice dining option, only traditional seating. But the price for the cruise is significantly lower than it will be next season when Island Princess is used for this itinerary. Plus this is Regal’s last season with Princess, so this will be our last opportunity to sail on her. Should be interesting.