Exchange as Blog Tool?

Over on Brandon Wirtz’s Digital Mix Archives, Brandon suggests that blog capabilities be added to the next version of Exchange. What a horrible idea! The reason why Exchange has millions of installed seats comes down to one thing… Exchange is a very good groupware product. E-mail, calendar, contact and task management, these are all things that Exchange does and does well. Primarily because that is all that it does. Exchange isn’t trying to be all things to all people.

If someone wants to create an add-on to bring this kind of capability to Exchange, that’s great. That is where this kind of “outside-the-scope” functionality belongs, not in the core system. I did a quick search and found one such add-on, OutBlog by Ingo Rammer Technology Consulting. So if you have to blog in Exchange instead of Movable Type or some other tool, try OutBlog and leave my Exchange system alone.

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