Exchange 2003 SP1 Installed

Sunday night I installed Exchange 2003 SP1 on the production mail server at work. Everything went smoothly, although it did require a hot fix (KB831464) before it would install. I also had to re-edit all of the logon pages for OWA. We have some JavaScript that adds the domain name to the username so people don’t have to enter the domain when they logon. Plus I had to update the text to remove the references to adding the domain. Wouldn’t be bad if all the pages were in English….

Only problem I’ve run into is updating the Management Tools on an XP station with SP1. The setup program doesn’t let you pick the option to update just the admin tools. Haven’t found a way around it yet.

Next step is to install IMF and see how well it works in conjunction with the scanning we do at the gateway with SpamAssassin.