ER Friday Night

No, I’m not talking about a special Friday broadcast of ER on NBC. I actually took a trip to the ER Friday night and Noah Wyle was nowhere in site. I had been feeling pretty fatigued the previous few days. Partway through the day on Friday I started to have a pain in the right side of my chest. It didn’t go away and felt worse through the afternoon. By the time I got home, I wasn’t feeling any better, and I hadn’t had a physical in a few years (I had just scheduled one a couple days earlier so no lectures!), so I figured I’d better be safe than sorry and have someone take a look. Kristin was on her way home, so we headed over to Barnes-Jewish West County ER.

Well, when you say the magic words “chest pain” they do all sorts of fun things, even if it is probably nothing. They drew blood, hooked me up to a heart monitor, did an EKG, gave me some oxygen, and took chest x-rays. Over the years my insurance companies haven’t paid out much at all. Well, tonight I got my money’s worth for a change. Everything came back normal, so the pain is probably muscle pain. They want my doctor to setup a stress test just to be certain, but otherwise I’m OK.