Disney + Pixar?

Disney and Pixar are expected to announce a major deal soon. I think the best option for both companies would be for Disney to acquire Pixar and put Steve Jobs (a major Disney shareholder after the acquisition) on the board. Put John Lasseter in charge of all Disney animation, including the new Pixar division, and you’d have a win-win for everyone.

Pixar brings Disney a steady new stream of successful movies and characters. Disney brings Pixar the marketing muscle and outlets to extend those stories and characters into so many areas, such as the theme parks for example. Without that, Pixar just makes movies. One of these days Pixar is going to release a so-so movie, so it is better to make a deal now when they’re batting a thousand.

If Jobs really wanted to find a new partner, he would have done so by now. The fact that he waited until Eisner was gone, made it clear that he wanted to be in business with Disney… just not with Michael.