Discount Academic Passes for Microsoft Ignite 2019 are Sold Out!

According to the Microsoft Ignite site, discounted academic passes for faculty/staff and students are already sold out. Wow! That’s impressive considering we’re only three days into general registration. These passes disappeared faster than all those lifeforms did in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos snapped his fingers.

I’m not sure how many academic passes were available, but when they say something has limited availability, you better believe them.

People often ask how some of us get approval to register for Ignite so quickly each year. Are you in the academic community and asking that question? Take note of how fast these passes sold out. Telling your boss that they can save $1,000 if they make a decision now rather than later may speed that process. Of course, the time to convince them of why you should go at all is before registration opens, not after.