Decorating for Christmas

As is our tradition, decorating the house for Christmas starts the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Kristin does most of the decorating, but things like lights fall to me. I refuse to risk life and limb to climb two stories to put up lights, so instead I hang them above the porch. I still need a ladder, but only to go up two steps, so I figure I’m pretty safe. We also hang lights on the inside windows on the second floor as well in a tree in the front yard. Only problem is the tree hasn’t dropped its leaves yet, so I need to wait to finish that up.

We also expanded our outside decorations a bit, adding wreaths to the coach lights on the garage and two pre-lit trees to sit on each side of the front door. Garden Ridge had the trees on sale, and while there I wound up buying the wreaths and a few other things. I can’t ever seem to go into that store without buying at least one thing that wasn’t on my list. Curse your deals Garden Ridge!

For those of you waiting to see my photos from the new Air and Space Museum (hopefully someone out there wants to see them), I haven’t finished captioning them yet. Soon, I promise!