Day 0 Wraps Up

Stopped by the TechEd store for the reception this evening. Munched on chips, salsa, and veggies before doing some shopping in the store. Bought a TechEd 2004 pique polo to go with one I bought last year. Lesson learned at MEC in 2002: If you find something you like, buy it right away. If you wait until things go on sale later in the week, whatever you wanted will be out of stock. Never fails.

I also managed to snag my first t-shirt, for the Imagine Cup, a competition in software design, algorithm, short film, and rendering. After shirts were thrown to the crowd, the finalists from the software design competition were announced. A team from Washington University (my employer and Alma Mater) came in second. Even though they don’t get to represent the US in Brazil, they were clearly excited to have placed as well as they did. It was great to see some of our students doing so well. Congratulations to Mark Woods, Taylor Peterson, Stuart Lim, and David Smith

After the reception, I headed up 5th Ave through the Gaslamp Quarter to find a restaurant. Stopped at Rockin’ Baja Lobster after someone mentioned it on their blog (can’t remember who). Very tasty.