Day 0 of Tech

My flights were uneventful today, although flying Southwest reminded me how much I prefer assigned seating. I normally fly American, but I figured I’d save the university some money. It didn’t take long to get my bags and hop a shuttle to the Marriott Courtyard downtown. Interesting building. It used to be a bank, so the decor is pretty cold and formal, but the room is spacious and the high-speed Internet access is free. The view could be better… I’m on the 10th floor and all I can see are alleys and parking lots.

I headed over to the Convention Center to get registered and see what this year’s bag looks like. Not bad. Similar to last year’s, although a bit more durable at first glance. Apparently we learned a lesson after last year’s problems with ripped bags. It even has a nice padded area for a CD player. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a CD player, so it’ll stay empty for now.

Special bonus gift… a Tech·Ed alumni baseball cap. I can always use one of those. Digging deeper reveals a small plush lion. I’m guessing it has something to do with the Rumble in the Jungle party at the zoo. The rest of the bag will have to wait until later.

Seaport Village is right near the Convention Center so I headed over there to grab lunch and do some shopping. The weather is beautiful, in the 70s with a light breeze off the ocean. Sure beats Saint Louis.

I’m back at the Convention Center now in the CommNet posting this entry. After I get back from dinner tonight, I’ll post some photos.