Cruise: Ready to Set Sail

We’re sitting on deck waiting for Regal Princess to set sail. This morning we went on a walking tour of Old San Juan. Temperatures were in the 80s and it felt great! Especially after the cold snap we had been having back home in St. Louis. The highlight of the tour was our visit to El Morro, the fort at the mouth of the entrance to the harbor at San Juan. Easy to see why this was such an effective defense against anyone trying to attack San Juan.

We finished our tour at Fort San Cristobal and headed back to the hotel to catch a cab to the Pan American pier where Regal Princess was waiting.

We checked in and found our cabin on Caribe deck (we’ve been on Caribe for all four of our cruises). No balcony this time, but the bathroom is huge by cruise ship standard with a normal size shower!

Our bags arrived within half an hour so we were able to unpack and get settled right away. Quick shower, change of clothes, and we were off to explore the ship. Regal is quite a bit different from the other ships we’ve been on (Sea Princess, Sun Princess, and Island Princess). Smaller but with its own interesting features, very cozy. This will be the last opportunity to sail on Regal since she will be going to P&O Australia later this year.

After dinner (with some nice folks from Lodi and Sturgeon Bay!) and the requisite muster drill, we watched the film RV in the theater. Silly film, but laugh out loud fumy.

So now we’re waiting on deck at 11 AST to watch our departure and catch a view of the forts as we leave San Juan. An announcement just came over the PA that we’re secured for sea and ready to cast off our moorings. Here we go!