Cruise 2011 Day 9 – Santorini

Photos from the ninth day of the cruise are now online. A sample of the set is listed below. You can see the photos either at Flickr or Facebook (assuming we’re friends on FB).

Our final stop in Greece was the island of Santorini (officially Thira). If you’ve ever seen a picture of a blue domed church on a cliff looking down at the ocean, that was probably Santorini. Our first stop was Oia, a small village at the north end of the main island. Very pretty and quiet, definitely a place where I could spend some time relaxing. Then it was off to a local winery for a quick visit, and then Thera, the main city for lunch, shopping, and taking it easy.  We opted to take the cable car down to the ship’s tender at the end of the day rather than the traditional donkeys (quite fragrant we’re told). All in all, it was a lovely day on a beautiful island.