Cruise 2011 Day 8 – Athens

Photos from the eighth day of the cruise are now online. A sample of the set is listed below. You can see the photos either at Flickr or Facebook (assuming we’re friends on FB).

After a few days in and around Turkey, it was time to return to Greece.  We arrived at the port of Piraeus (the local port for Athens) and rode the Metro into Athens. We toured the new Acropolis Museum before heading up to the Acropolis.  Towering over Athens, the Acropolis is a most impressive site.  It boggles themind to think of the thousands of years of human history that took place there.  The Parthenon and other ruins were definitely a highlight of the trip.  Up on the Acropolis, you have a fantastic view of Athens which sprawls in every direction as far as the eye can see. Afterwards we headed back to the ship and prepped for our final Greek port, Santorini.