Cruise 2011 Day 11 – Naples/Pompeii

Photos from the eleventh (and final!) day of the cruise are now online. A sample of the set is listed below. You can see the photos either at Flickr or Facebook (assuming we’re friends on FB).

Our last port was Naples which most people use as a stepping stone to visit Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast. Naples itself seemed gritty and a bit down on its luck, nothing at all like Rome. We took a ship’s excursion to the Pompeii ruins and were blown away by how large the site is and how well the city has been preserved.  If we were doing it again, however, we’d go on our own to get more time to explore the city than what the tour offered.  After the tour eneded and we were dropped off back at the port, we walked to a local pizzeria for lunch. The pizza was good, but have to say that I think the pizza we had in Rome was better. Afterwards we walked back to the ship to pack and get ready to head home the next day.