Countdown To Ignite Ep. 7: The One About Breaking In Shoes Now, Wrigley Field, Navy Pier and Buddy Guy’s Legends

Countdown to Ignite Episode 7After last week’s excitement around the reveal of the conference bag, it’s time for Rick Claus and Joey Snow to answer some questions from the forums and offer up some tips for first-timers before hitting the streets of Chicago for another look at things to do. Keep reading for my summary, but make sure you click over to the Ignite blog for the video and full blog post.

  • Buddy Guy’s Legends Chicago – I’ve never been, but this sounds like a good place to go for live blues music. Live music every night and Wednesday through Sunday they have music starting at noon for the lunch crowd. The menu bill’s itself as having Louisiana-style Cajun and soul food. Gumbo, jambalaya, catfish, and more.

    Twitter: @BuddyGuys

  • Navy Pier – Historic Navy Pier opened in 1916 and offered a unique combination of business (shipping) and pleasure (public entertainment). Post-World War I, the pier had its own streetcar line, a theater, restaurants, and even a hospital. During World War II, the pier was used for pilot and other training, and over 200 aircraft rest at the bottom of Lake Michigan due to accidents during training. Used for conventions and trade shows, after McCormick Place (our home during Ignite) reopened after its 1967 fire, the pier fell into disuse. Eventually Chicago turned its attention back to the pier and redeveloped it, culminating in its grand reopening in 1995.

    Now 20 years later, Navy Pier is experiencing a new redevelopment into what they call a “bolder, greener, and more contemporary Pier.” Come check out a truly unique place while you’re in Chicago. The Cubs will be out-of-town most of the week during Ignite, but if you arrive in town early you can catch games against the Brewers on Saturday May 2 and Sunday May 3. Go Brewers!

    Twitter: @NavyPier

  • Wrigley Field – Live Navy Pier which celebrates its Centennial next year, Wrigley Field celebrated its 100th birthday last year. At 101, this historic ballpark is also undergoing a redevelopment. Known as the 1060 Project, work is underway to enhance the park for the team and its fans while maintaining the historic features that makes it a special place to see a ballgame. You can read all about the four-year effort that is underway and will continue into 2018 at the 1060 Project website.

    Twitter: @Cubs

That’s it for this week. Check out the episode below and enjoy this first look at your constant companion for a week in May.

You can watch the show over on Channel 9, but why not just watch it here?

If you haven’t registered yet, head over to the Ignite website and register now. You might need to be creative with your lodging, however, as the conference hotel lists appears to be sold out. You can check out my post showing hotel availability (as of March 16). Also read my post Need a Hotel for Ignite? Don’t Worry if you’re starting to panic.

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