Countdown Site Added for TechEd Europe

TechEd Europe Countdown

It’s time for another TechEd countdown. This time we’re counting down the days until TechEd Europe which will be October 28-31 in Barcelona.  The live countdown website is at, and if you want a daily countdown tweet you can follow @countdown_teeu on Twitter.

When registration opened for TechEd Europe, I decided that it wasn’t fair for North America attendees to have all the fun. Because everything was already setup for the North America countdown, it didn’t take too long to clone it all for Europe. I did add something new for the bling page for Europe that wasn’t there for NA.  If you look at the website, you will see two Bling links in the header.

Bling Links
Bling (EN) will take you to the a page providing Blog Bling for all four of the image used as well as links for a random image. All of these images show the countdown in English. Since this is a European event, I decided someone may want to showcase the countdown in their own language. After a bit of research using Bing Translator and Google Translate, I had a list of 37 languages and the words for “day” and “days” to use to generate the images. Since it isn’t practical to generate a localized version for all four images every day, so instead the images are only generated for the image that is posted to Twitter. The Bling (All) page displays all 37 languages plus English. If there’s a language that I’m missing that you would like to see, or if I used the wrong word, please let me know.

So please visit the site, and if you like it, be sure to spread the word and retweet the daily countdown tweets! In case you forgot the address, go to:

Got it? Great! Now go register for TechEd Europe if you haven’t already and start counting down.