Travel Countdowns

[countdown date=2016/03/02-12:20:00]

Disney Shareholders Meeting (Chicago)

I arrive in Chicago in [timer]

[/countdown] [countdown date=2016/05/15-17:15:00//2016/05/16-13:00:00]

Midwest Management Summit 2016 (Minneapolis)

I arrive in Minneapolis in [timer]
MMS 2016 opens in [total-dhtimer]

[/countdown] [countdown date=2016/07/13-11:35:00//2016/07/15-11:00:00]

Dingler Family Reunion (Covington LA)

I arrive in New Orleans in [timer]
The Dingler Reunion begins in Covington, Louisiana, in [total-dhtimer]

[/countdown] [countdown date=2016/09/24-14:40:00//2016/09/26-09:00:00]

Microsoft Ignite 2016 (Atlanta)

I arrive in Atlanta in [timer]
Ignite opens in [total-dhtimer]

[/countdown] [countdown date=2016/10/09-17:47:00]

Hawaii Vacation (Oahu and Kauai)

I arrive in Honolulu in [timer]

[/countdown] [countdown date=2017/01/13-12:00:00//2017/01/14-16:00:00]

Southern Caribbean Cruise (Caribbean Princess)

I arrive in Fort Lauderdale in [timer]
The cruise begins in [total-dhtimer]

[/countdown] [countdown date=2018/01/11-12:00:00//2018/01/13-19:00:00]

Western Caribbean Cruise (MSC Seaside)

I arrive in Miami in [timer]
The cruise begins in [total-dhtimer]